"We live service
in our own way."

"We live service
in our own way."

Our philosophy is based on three pillars:

1st Pillar:
The person is central to everything

Our profession is all about people.

It is about their professional futures and personal development; about making the right decisions and having a partner at their side in this process.

It is also a matter of finding these suitable people for our clients.

With great sensitivity and making use of their many years of experience, during the individual process steps our consultants team up with people in their current situation and accompany them throughout the entire process with the appropriate sense of empathy, clarity and support.

We know which steps can prove to be critical and therefore need to be taken into account, and where we can put our expertise to use to offer assistance.

The principle of “one face to the customer” is very important to us.

Each of our consultants acts as the direct and central contact person for the customer in question. Together with the customer, they clarify the assignment (requirement profile, background to the occupation, situation in the company and direct environment of the vacancy, etc.) and then bear primary responsibility for the successful course of the search process and placement. The responsible consultant accordingly conducts all the telephone and personal interviews with the candidates, prepares the confidential report for the client, takes care of the scheduling and pre-briefing of both parties and, upon request, can be present at the candidate presentation. He or she conducts all the feedback interviews and takes care of the further course of the process. Our consultants are always well-informed with regard to the current status and are therefore able to provide both sides with a clear overview of the situation, progress or possible problems.

We remain in close contact with both parties throughout the recruitment process, have ourselves an interest in ensuring a smooth and person-focussed process and, of course, we also assist in the obtaining of references or other necessary documents. We take comprehensive care of the necessary framework conditions and legal requirements in the offer process (offer management) and in the preparation for termination.

Furthermore, we also offer our candidates firm support in the often difficult step of termination. We prepare them psychologically for all eventualities, such as dealing with counter-offers (counter-offer management) and we are always there for them and ready to respond to their concerns.

2nd Pillar:
A contact person for the customer

3rd Pillar:
Industry focus and specialisation

We have more than 20 years of industry expertise and offer our customers and candidates specialised contacts who, in addition to their personal skills, have deep expertise and market knowledge in the insurance and financial services environment.

We speak the language of the industry.

The aim of our work is to achieve lasting satisfaction on both sides. The decision to work together should be based on a successful and long-term co-operation in the best interests of all those involved.